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Find here recent press articles featuring my work:

  1. Marques et les selfies: pour le meilleur et pour le pire…, La Tribune, by Joonas Rokka, Published 26.5.2017.
  2. Comment les selfies peuvent construire – et déstabiliser – les marques, The Conversation (FRA), by Joonas Rokka, Published 25.5.2017
  3. How selfies build – and destablise – brands, The Conversation (UK), by Joonas Rokka, Published 27.4.2017
  4. Joulu pikaruokaravintolassa? Myynti kasvaa jopa kymmenkertaiseksi, Verkkouutiset, by Pekka Virkki, Published 25.12.2016
  5. 【聖誕食乜好】日本人過聖誕必備炸雞 兩個月前要預約, HK01, Published 25.12.2016
  6. Comment et pourquoi le champagne est devenu un vin des fêtes, Le Point, by Joonas Rokka, Published 24.12.2016
  7. How KFC became a Christmas tradition in Japan, Business Insider (UK), by Kate Taylor, Published 23.12.2016
  8. KFS met Kerstmis: een unieke Japanse traditie, Metro (BE), Published 20.12.2016
  9. Kỳ lạ người Nhật ăn Giáng Sinh với gà rán KFC, BBC (Vietnam), by Eric Barton, 23.12.2016
  10. Mengapa Jepang merayakan Natal dengan makan KFC? BBC (Indonesia), by Eric Barton, Published 22.12.2016
  11. Champagne : Les quatre “myths” fondateurs d’un icône mondial, The Conversation (FR), by Joonas Rokka, Published 19.12.2016
  12. Christmas in Japan? That Must Mean KFC, Fortune, by Kevin Lui, Published 19.12.2016
  13. Why Japan celebrates Christmas with KFC, BBC, by Eric Barton, Published 19.12.2016
  14. Champagne : les quatre “mythes” fondateurs d’une icône mondiale, The Conversation, by Joonas Rokka, Published 19.12.2016.
  15. Miksi odottavan aika on pitkä? Tiede, Johanna Junttila, Published 9.2015
  16. Cultivating timeflow: Can consumers shape how they experience time? Science Daily, Published 31.3.2015
  17. A nostalgia do analógico. Exame, by Mariela Castro, Published 25.2.2015
  18. Paluu analogiseen. Talouselämä, by Elina Lappalainen, Published 14.11.2014
  19. Video: So lebendig sind die totgesagten Medienformen. W&V, by Anja Janotta, Published 6.11.2014
  20. Los medios analógicos son “muertos” muy vivarachos y este video lo demuestra. Marketing DirectoPublished 7.11.2014
  21. Social media empowers employees. Financial Times, by Charlotte Clarke, Published 17.10.2013
  22. Employee wellbeing, corporate reputation and social media. Management Issues, by Brian Amble, Published 17.10.2013
  23. Study: Employees’ online voices outweigh reputational risks. PR Daily, by Kevin Allen, Published 9.10.2013
  24. Study: Employees’ online voices outweigh reputational risks. Ragan Communications, by Kevin Allen, Published 9.10.2013
  25. Employee wellbeing influences corporate reputation in social media. Design & Publishing Center, Published 9.10.2013
  26. Employee Well-Being Impacts Company Reputation. Incentive Magazine, by Alex Palmer, Published 8.10.2013
  27. Employee wellbeing influences corporate reputation in social media. Education News, by Jimmy Kilpatrick, Published 7.10.2013
  28. Research? Most people cannot understand it. Financial Times, by Ian Wylie, Published 7.4.2013
  29. Le buzz des écoles. Le Point, by Nathalie Lamoureux, Published 14.2.2013
  30. Use video not journals to disseminate research. Financial Times, by Joonas Rokka, Published 2.7.2012
  31. La recherche en mode video. Liberté Dimanche, Published 8.4.2012
  32. Research through the lens. 50+20 Management Education For the World, Emerging Benchmarks, Published 4.4.2012
  33. Schools struggle to stand out in a crowded market. Financial Times, by Della Bradshaw, Published 12.3.2012
  34. Määrätietoisuus on valttia verkkomarkkinoinnissa. AsiantuntijaOpas, (Finnish professional press), Published 28.2.2012
  35. D’Helsinki à la Normandy. Paris Normandie, Published 13.9.2011
  36. Joonas Rokka markkinointiprofessoriksi Ranskaan. Markkinointi ja Mainonta, (Finnish professional press), Published 12.9.2011
  37. Valio leviää sosiaaliseen median. Helsingin Sanomat, (Finnish newspaper), by Elina Lappalainen, Published 9.1.2011
  38. Kuluttajatutkimus siirtyi videolle ja YouTubeen. Turun Sanomat, (Finnish newspaper), Published 21.5.2010
  39. Arki vielä tavoittamatta. Kaleva, (Finnish newspaper), by Arja Mikkola, Published 21.5.2010
  40. Tutkijankammiosta maitomaailmaan. Helsingin Sanomat, (Finnish newspaper), by Jyrki Alkio, Published 20.7.2008
  41. Moni suhtautuu mainonnan ihanteisiin kriittisesti. Helsingin Sanomat, (Finnish newspaper), by Ilona Mikkonen, Hanna-Kaisa Desavelle and Joonas Rokka, Published 1.4.2008
  42. Tavarat ja palvelu saavat huutia netissä. Helsingin Sanomat, (Finnish newspaper), by Mari Koistinen, Published 9.1.2008

Invited presentations, talks and film screenings:

  • Videografia menetelmänä. Invited guest speaker at Videografiaseminaari, Helsinki, 11 May 2016.
  • Brands and Heterotopian Selfies. Invited guest speaker at the 7th Kern Conference on Visual Communication – Selfies, Self-portraits and Social Media, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, USA, 14-16 April 2016
  • Videography. Inivited presentation at SKEMA Business School, Lille, 17.11.2015
  • Creative Visual Research Methods. Invited presentation at EMLYON Business School, 5.3.2015
  • Videography in Consumer and Marketing Research. Invited presentation at University of Innsbruck, Organization & Society Research Lab, Austria, 14.4.2014
  • Videography in Consumer and Marketing Research. Invited presentation at University of Tours, Vallorem Research Center, France, 7.4.2014
  • Videography in Consumer and Marketing Research. Invited presentation at the Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, 26.2.2014
  • Working with film – using video in teaching. Invited presentation at the EFMD 2013 Masters Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2-4 December, 2013
  • Doing videography: approaches and future directions. Invited presentation at the European Association for Consumer Research Conference, Workshop on making films, at Barcelona, 4-7 July, 2013
  • Pushing the Scene, Invited film screening at The European Association for Consumer Research Conference, Film retrospective, at Barcelona, 4-7 July, 2013
  • Videographic research in social sciences, Research seminar at Cass Business School, London City University, London, 3.12.2012
  • Videographic research in social sciences, Research seminar at IRG, Universite Paris-Est. Marne-la-Vallee, 27.11.2012
  • Making Social Media Part of Brand DNA. Invited presentation at DiViA Digital Marketing seminar, Finlandia House, Helsinki 30.5.2013.
  • Videographic research in consumer culture theory, Research seminar at IAE de Rouen, 19.6.2012
  • Agency in Market Emergence and Evolution: Insights from A Practice Based Perspective, HEC/ESSEC/INSEAD Research Seminar, Paris, 16.3.2012
  • Accelerated Culture: Emergence and Tensions in an Electonic Music Scene, Research seminar, l’Universite de Lille, Lille, 20.10.2011
  • Doing Social Media Marketing in Practice. Invited presentation at Markkinointitorstai, Turku, Finland, 3.11.2011






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